1,000 Cancer Patients Efficiently Dealt with With A Rife Machine


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Dr Royal Raymond Rife M.D, that developed a regularity generator in the late 1920’s. Briefly, Rife effectively dealt with 1,000 individuals detected with incurable cancer in the.

1930’s. He was honoured with 14 honors as well as an honorary doctorate.

After the unsuccessful attempt by pharmaceutical companies to buy out his research study as well as equipment, his office was ransacked, his research study documentation was swiped and the machine.

that healed all those 1,000 “incurable” cancer people was destroyed.

In 1934, before this destruction happened, the University of Southern California designated a Special Medical Research Committee to bring incurable cancer patients from.

Pasadena County Hospital to Rife’s San Diego Laboratory and also clinic for therapy. The team consisted of physicians and pathologists appointed to examine the individuals – if still active.

– in 90 days. After the 90 days of treatment, the Committee ended that 86.5 % of the clients had actually been totally cured. The therapy was then readjusted as well as the staying.

13.5 % of the people likewise responded within the next 4 weeks. The complete healing price making use of Rife’s innovation was 100 %.

Baseding on Miracle Alternatives, LLC they market a Rife Machine that is created as carefully as possible to the orginal Rife Machine as possibe. The Machine is called the MIRACLE.

WIDESPREAD ™ MACHINE. The Miracle Rife is possibly the most effective rife machine on the market consisting of a limitless number of frequencies just like the initial Rife Machine.

Created BY Royal Rife! The Miracle Rife Machine includes all possible 10,000 regularities. Whereas a lot of other rife machines currently on the marketplace have just a few hindred.


Additionally, the Miracle Rife Machine is actuall a 2 In 1 machine. It consists of the Rife Machine, as well as a homeopathic remedy maker. Furthermore, you could include an optional “Miracle.

Wan”. The “Miracle Wand” is an electrostatic device that gives 50,000 volts of electrostatic electricity. The “Miracle Wand” is utilized for pain relief, chronic pain relief,.

Lymphatic draniage and more. As a result include the optional “Miracle Wand” as well as you’ll have a 3 in 1 Rife Machine.

For more information just go to the Miracle Rife Machine web page. Review in depth descriptions. Read specs. Watch actual product presentations.

Legal disclaimer: Miracle Alternatives, LLC.
The success stories, if any sort of are depictive outcomes. However, there are no warranties, promises, representations and/or assurances concerning the level of future outcomes.

Additionally Miracle Alternatives, LLC does not claim and or assure the products they market will stop, heal, deal with or cure any sort of sickness, illness, pain, virus,.

disease or any kind of health conditions! Do not use the machines we sell as a substitute in looking for appropriate medical recommendations and or appropriate medical treatment.


Miracle Light Water


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